What to Do If a Loved One Has Been Hurt or Killed in an Oilfield Accident in Odessa, TX

No parent, spouse, or child in Odessa, TX wants to go through the process of having to bury a loved one due to a preventable accident, but unfortunately, incidents do happen and they can change the course of a family’s life forever. This is particularly true for family members who have a loved one working in the booming Texas oilfield industry, a job that has very high risks for severe injuries and fatalities.

Find a Odessa Lawyer Who Understands Your Case

The days and weeks immediately after an oilfield accident are difficult; the loved one may have to go through surgery, may not be able to get through the day without significant help or pain medication, or may not be able to return to work. Families grieving the loss of a loved one killed in such an accident will not know where to turn. One of the most important things you can do during this time is to reach out to an experienced oilfield accident lawyer. The attorney can tell you more about your next steps, whether your family member is injured or has passed away.

Collect As Much Evidence As Possible

Gathering evidence is crucial in an oilfield accident claim. The right Odessa, TX oil field accident attorney should have experience helping other clients with a comprehensive evaluation of the evidence, including pictures or videos from the scene, medical records, insight from expert witnesses, and more. Given that the outcome of a personal injury claim or wrongful death claim can have such an impact on survivors, it’s imperative to find an attorney you can trust as soon as possible after the accident occurs.

Don’t Agree to Anything without an Attorney

One of the other important things to remember after an accident is to avoid making any decisions or signing any paperwork until you have had the opportunity to speak with your lawyer. The employer and the insurance company may want to encourage you to accept a settlement or sign a release as soon as possible. In these situations, they are counting on your lack of knowledge about your rights and will likely present a low settlement offer that seems tempting in the moment.

In the days and weeks right after an accident, you might not fully understand the value of your claim whether it’s for an injury or for a wrongful death. Don’t sign anything or agree to any terms with the other side until your lawyer has told you more. You could compromise the integrity of your claim without an experienced Odessa, TX oilfield accident lawyer.