Odessa, TX OSHA Regulations For Oilfield Safety

The United States Department of Labor indicates that more than 450,000 individuals worked in the oil and gas extraction industries in 2011 and it is believed that this number has only increased as fracking and oilfield production have been on the rise. Many of these employees work in oilfields on a regular basis in this dangerous occupation. Industrial procedures can help to minimize the chances of an accident and it is important for all contractors and supervisors on site to list safety as a top priority.

General Safety Rules for Employers in Odessa, TX

All employers in Odessa, TX have to maintain a safe working environment, but this is even more important in a dangerous industry such as oilfield or oil rig drilling. Employees in this industry face a high risk of accidents, meaning that safety has become a focus and concern in recent years.

Unfortunately, however, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration indicates that between 2003 and 2010 more than 800 oil and gas extraction workers were killed on the job, with the fatality rate that is seven times higher than other industries. The fatalities rates associated with this injury have been relatively consistent since the early 1990s. Some of the most common types of fatal oilfield accidents include vehicle collisions, fires and explosions, falls, chemical exposures, machine hazards and high pressure lines and equipment.

Odessa Employers Could be Held Liable After an Oil Rig Accident

All employees in various industries including oil workers have the right to a safe workplace, regardless of the base dangerous nature of their occupation. The general duty clause of the OHS Act, the same law that authorized the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, mandates that employers are responsible for maintaining a safe work environment that does not have any severe hazards that are likely to cause serious death or injury. In the event that an employer falls short in fulfilling this duty, they could be held financially responsible for the injuries that the workers sustain.

Sometimes employers might even be held responsible for injuries caused by a coworker’s carelessness. The legal issues involved in a case like this can be extremely complex and that is it is important to identify an experienced oilfield accident lawyer in Odessa, TX as soon as possible after the accident has occurred. Having a full understanding of your rights and responsibilities is the best way to approach such a case. The right lawyer can make a difference and you need to know your rights as soon as possible if you have been injured on an oilfield.