What Injured Oil Workers Need to Know About Pipeline Blowouts in Odessa, TX

There is no doubt that working in any type of oilfield or oil rigs situation can be a dangerous proposition, even for an experienced employee who keeps safety top of mind. Unfortunately, employers and contractors also have a responsibility to ensure that safe machinery is being used. There are many different causes of oilfield accidents in Odessa, TX and these can compromise the health and wellness of a variety of employees as well as members of the public living in the surrounding area.

Why Blowouts Are a Growing Concern in Oil Production in Odessa, TX

Many Texas oil companies are looking for ways to minimize their production costs. Unfortunately, sometimes this means avoiding employee safety trainings or conducting proper maintenance. In addition to long hours typically worked in an oilfield means that these issues can easily become overlooked or that machinery or employees can be taxed farther than their limits. In the event that there are any OSHA violations that occur on a drill site, employees could in danger of critical oilfield injuries due to explosions or fires or pipe blow ups. A dangerous pipe blowup accident can be fatal for oilfield workers involved.

Consulting with an experienced oilfield accident attorney is strongly recommended if you find yourself in this situation. Pipeline blow ups are critically dangerous because they can lead to explosions and fires and they can happen at any time at sea on an oil rig or in an oilfield. The majority of drills will have blowout preventers built into them, but this is not a complete safeguard against an accident.

How Blowouts Often Occur in Odessa, TX

When the pressure builds up inside of a well and is higher than the blow up preventers can handle, a well blowout can still occur. When those preventers fall short, gas or oil is ejected from the well in addition with stone, sand and mud. If these rub together during the blow up process, they could ignite an explosion which sends hundreds of rocks flying in all directions much like shrapnel. This could lead to critical injuries for an oilfield worker. Some of the most common injuries sustained by those working in an oilfield include crush injuries, burn injuries, brain injuries and spinal cord injuries.

Those who have been injured in an accident may be entitled to recover compensation with the help of an oilfield accident attorney. It can be overwhelming to take on an oil corporation or an insurance company and this is just one reason why a knowledgeable lawyer in Odessa, TX can make a significant difference in your case.