Oilfield Wrongful Death Attorney in Odessa, TX

In the event that you have recently been injured working in an oilfield as a result of an accident in Odessa, TX, you may be entitled to recover compensation under a workers' compensation claim or a personal injury claim. In the case in which a loved one has been killed due to an accident, however, the legal issues are complex and warrant a conversation with an oilfield wrongful death lawyer.

What to Do After Fatal Accident in Odessa, TX

In situations in which employers may be held liable for your injuries, it is important that you consult with an oilfield accident attorney as soon as possible. Unfortunately, far too many oilfield employees risk their lives on a regular basis due to their dangerous work situation. They may also be subject to working long shifts over the course of several days without any time off, increasing their chances of being injured in an accident due to drowsiness or lost focus. If your loved one has already passed away, speaking to an oilfield wrongful death lawyer in Odessa, TX right away can help to recover compensation the family may need.

Employers are responsible for providing appropriate equipment and machinery as well as enforcing high standards of safety across any work situation. However, contractors and oil companies sometimes fail to live up to these promises and this can lead to injuries or death for the oilfield employee. It is important to identify an oilfield accident lawyer if you find yourself in this situation of recovering from injuries as a result of a preventable oilfield accident. Collecting evidence is extremely important in a wrongful death claim since your loved one is not around to tell his or her side of the story. The right Odessa oilfield wrongful death lawyer will launch an investigation immediately into these complex issues.

Contractors and oil companies may sacrifice the lives and protection of their employees in order to focus on their bottom-line. Although oilfield employees may typically be covered by workers' compensation, these claims do not cover loss of earning potential or pain and suffering. In the event that a third party, however, such as an owner of machines or a manufacturer of machines may be held responsible in your claim due to defective parts or operation, then you may be eligible to seek full damages.

Some of the most common types of oilfield accidents may be the result of defective machinery such as rig collapses, oil rig blowouts, electrocution, toxic chemical exposure, defective design and equipment and slip and fall injuries. Consulting with an oilfield accident lawyer is strongly recommended if you find yourself in this situation.

Did your loved one suffer fatal injuries? Do you have questions about filing an oilfield wrongful death case in Odessa, TX? If so, get legal help today.