If you live In Odessa, TX and have recently suffered an injury while working as an employee on an oilfield or offshore and you suspect that it was caused by a defective drilling rig, you probably have questions about your legal rights and whether or not multiple parties may be responsible for the injuries you have sustained. An offshore drilling accident can be a harrowing experience for an injured employee, but knowing your rights immediately could help you determine the legal claims you may need to consider.

You may be eligible, for example, to pursue both the personal injury claim in the event the defect was caused by a negligent third party as well as a workers' compensation claim. It is important to identify an on offshore drilling accident attorney with years of experience in the field in order to help you recover monetary damages and maximize your recovery from this injury. Offshore drilling accidents can lead to catastrophic consequences for employees, many of whom may not understand the full range of their rights.

What to Do After an Offshore Drilling Accident in Odessa, TX

During this critical time, you should be focusing on getting better and moving on with your life and having an offshore drilling accident attorney who has handled the cases like this before, manage the investigation and evaluation of your case is strongly recommended. In these cases, one of the most common questions that emerges is who is at fault. Equipment and rig defects are, unfortunately, the common cause for far too many preventable offshore platform and oilfield accidents in the United States. When an accident happens due to another’s negligence, an offshore drilling accident lawyer may be needed.

In many situations, the pressure to focus on profits and maximize production every single day lead some oil companies to minimize features that are designed to protect workers and reduce safety inspections. The most common causes of a defective drilling rig include:

  • Improper maintenance
    • Improper maintenance
    • Design defects
    • Manufacturing defects
    • Corrosion to struts, pipes and valves
    • Missing or faulty safety guards
    • Damaged cables, tongs or blocks
    • Oil drill malfunctions

    n these situations, you may be eligible to pursue two separate types of legal claims against different parties. Consulting with a knowledgeable offshore drilling accident attorney as soon as possible after the accident has occurred is strongly recommended.