Fracking Injury Attorney in Odessa, TX

You might not feel that exposure to dangerous chemicals causing medical conditions is enough of a reason to prompt you to call a Odessa, TX oilfield accident lawyer, but there’s plenty of reason to get a legal professional to help investigate such a matter to make sure that someone is looking out for what’s right for you. 

Working in any type of oil field situation in Odessa, TX is a dangerous and risky proposition, but unfortunately not all the dangers associated with this occupation are fully known. Many companies managing the fracking and oil field processes have not disclosed all of the chemicals involved. This means that you may be exposed to chemicals that could lead to medical conditions down the road.

Many companies in Odessa, TX have withheld the specific ingredients in fracking operations in all states in which oil field drilling occurs. Although researchers are currently working to identify and investigate the chemicals that are being used, not all the information has yet been fully revealed.

A recent Texas law, for example, has helped to identify more than 170,000 ingredients used in this process, however, only emergency personnel are authorized to receive this information, not academics or toxicologists.

One of the primary reasons for this in Odessa, TX is that the chemicals in the fracking process are listed as proprietary information or trade secrets. Fracking is a process that involves a variety of chemicals being injected with water into a well bore in order to release oil and gas from rock formations.

In the past several years, since this has become a multi-million-dollar industry, however, it has generated environment concerns as well as worker’s compensation concerns. In the event that you notice certain medical symptoms that have appeared after you began working in an oilfield, be aware that you may have been exposed to dangerous chemicals that could compromise your health. An oilfield accident lawyer (incitycommastate)) can tell you more about whether or not your case meets the grounds to initiate legal action.

While the majority of oilfield accidents are physical injuries that could have been prevented and may form the basis of a workers' compensation claim or even a personal injury claim, exposure to dangerous chemicals on the job also carries a risk that could compromise your ability to work.

Not knowing which chemicals are used in the process means that the public as well as the employees on the site are not familiar with what might happen when contamination does occur. Consulting with an experienced Odessa, TX oilfield accident lawyer is strongly recommended.